Running Back #2

What you can expect in a training session:

10 minutes: Layout of the training session, address what the athlete would like to focus on, body activation/warm up.

10-15 minutes: Ball security, footwork mechanics and agility drills.

10-15 minutes: Pass protection mechanics and route running mechanics.

10-15 minutes: Vision practice and explosion through holes.

10 minutes: cool down/stretch and Q&A with athlete about recruiting, nutrition, academics, and football knowledge.

Skills I Can Help You On:
Splits (Lineman)
Offensive Packages
Defensive Packages
Ball Security
Throwing Mechanics
Pocket Presence
Passing Tree
Hand Fighting
Evasive Techniques
Running Mechanics
Explosive Running
Finding the Hole
Blocking from the Backfield
Strength Training
Recruiting Knowledge
Getting Off the Line
Run Defense
Quarterback Contain
Pass Defense
Current University: Stanford University
University Location: Stanford, CA
About Me: I am fortunate to have been trained by some of the best running back coaches and players in the country. Whether it’s football, school, or doing things in my community, I give 110% in everything that I do. I have great communication and organizational skills. As a high school recruit, I was recruited by some of the top schools in the country and was ranked one of the top players in my state. I hope to teach the future generation not only about football, but about how the lessons in football translate to life.
Position: Running Back