Women's Soccer Forward #1

During My Training You Can Expect:
- 5-10 minutes of warm-up, stretching, and introductions. We're going to figure out exactly how I can help you!

  • 30 minutes of on the field work (drills, instruction)

  • 10-15 minutes of discussing off the field topics such as recruitment, managing your schedule, nutrition, and what to expect in college

Current University: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Position: Forward
Skills I Can Help On:
Defensive Footwork
College Recruitment
Clearing & Defense
Field Vision
Short Passing
Evasive Techniques
Hand-Eye Coordination
Ball Tracking
In-Goal Positioning
Kicking & Punting
Catching & Ball Handling
Mental Toughness
Recruitment Knowledge
Strength & Conditioning
About Me: I've been playing forward for as long as I remember. I know how to cut through a defense in order to attack the net, but I also know that sometimes the best thing to do is to pass. During our trianing, I'll focus on the skills you need to be a well rounded soccer player, not just an individual star. I'll also help you with all of the off the field issues from how to get to college to how to balance a course load along with your sport.