Offensive Lineman #2

During My Training You Can Expect:

  • 5-10 minutes of warm up including all the necessary stretches and activation -10 minutes of what will become our "everyday drills," skills work on the most basic keys to our position
  • 10 minutes of individually specific drill work; drills best suited to work on your needs
  • 5 minute water break
  • 10 minutes of run game technique
  • 10 minutes of pass protection technique
  • 5-10 minutes of stretching and discussion
Skills I Can Help You On:
Splits (Lineman)
Offensive Packages
Defensive Packages
Ball Security
Throwing Mechanics
Pocket Presence
Passing Tree
Hand Fighting
Evasive Techniques
Running Mechanics
Explosive Running
Finding the Hole
Blocking from the Backfield
Strength Training
Recruiting Knowledge
Getting Off the Line
Run Defense
Quarterback Contain
Pass Defense
Current University: Stanford University
University Location: Stanford, CA
About Me: I have multiple years coaching youth flag football teams, so I have developed many of the skills needed to coach and mentor. I am a mechanical engineering major as well as a starting, all Pac-12 offensive lineman, and through this I have learned how to balance intensive academics and success as an athlete. I pride myself on my work ethic which has led me to never missing or being late to a workout as well as maintaining an above 3.5 GPA. Additionally, my dad was is a former NFL player and coach, and all the drills and training I use is from what he has proven to work.
Position: O-Line