Defensive Back #1

During My Training You Can Expect:
mental side of the game taught through physical reps
- challenging through drills
- speed work
- technique
- agility
- pushing past our comfort zone
Goal to make our 70% better than our competitor's 100%

Skills I Can Help You On:
Splits (Lineman)
Offensive Packages
Defensive Packages
Ball Security
Throwing Mechanics
Pocket Presence
Passing Tree
Hand Fighting
Evasive Techniques
Running Mechanics
Explosive Running
Finding the Hole
Blocking from the Backfield
Strength Training
Recruiting Knowledge
Getting Off the Line
Run Defense
Quarterback Contain
Pass Defense
Current University: Stanford University
University Location: Stanford, CA
About Me: I have been in athletics most of my life. I have had the luxury of being around some of the greatests athletes. I am a former espn top 5 defensive back in the country. I have been blessed with being recognized as one of the best to ever play in high school. With my team I bring a certain level of speed and ball skills to the field. Off the field I attack my workouts, the classroom, and extra community work. I believe in the fact that things are greater than ourselves. I work hard to encourage and uplift others, and that is what I plan to do with each kid i meet. I have been train by the best, and I know I can share that knowledge. Lets go be a better version of ourselves each day.
Position: Defensive Back