Defensive Lineman #2

During My Training Session You Can Expect:

  • 10 minutes of pre-activity preparation & activation (stretching followed by a dynamic warm-up).
  • 10 minutes dedicated to perfecting stance & get-off.
  • 10 minutes dedicated to working on hand placement and hand fighting techniques.
  • 20 minutes dedicated to defensive line drills, equally spent between run defense & pass rush.
  • 10 minutes of recovery work + Q&A regarding life as a student-athlete in a D1 college football program, handling school, nutrition concepts, the recruiting process, or anything the mentee would like to discuss.
Skills I Can Help You On:
Splits (Lineman)
Offensive Packages
Defensive Packages
Ball Security
Throwing Mechanics
Pocket Presence
Passing Tree
Hand Fighting
Evasive Techniques
Running Mechanics
Explosive Running
Finding the Hole
Blocking from the Backfield
Strength Training
Recruiting Knowledge
Getting Off the Line
Run Defense
Quarterback Contain
Pass Defense
Current University: Stanford University
University Location: Stanford, CA
About Me: I have been a reliable and dedicated teammate, never missing a lift or a padded practice. Thus, my understanding of exercises, drills, and football scheme has been solidified as a result. Additionally, my time spent in the film room studying opponents, analyzing NFL players' technique, and mastering my knowledge of the playbook has further improved my defensive line technique and how to play according to game situations. In addition to spending time with kids via volunteer opportunities at schools and children's hospitals, I have had multiple experiences teaching young student-athletes. Examples being an assistant coach in various Stanford football camps as well as those I helped with in high school.
Position: D-Line