Softball Catcher #1

During My Training You Can Expect:
15 minutes of stretching and throwing progression
10 minutes of framing drills
10-15 minutes of blocking drills
10-15 minutes of transfer drills
10 minutes of rapid speed drills
10 minutes of Q&A

Current University: University of Oregon
University Location: Eugene, OR
Position: Catcher
About Me: I threw out 14 people in last years season and have been catching since I was 10. I’ve given lessons continuously through out my career and enjoy watching those I coach succeed. I focus a lot on the fundamentals of framing the ball and the quickness of the hands as it is the most critical attribute of a great catcher. I was recruited by 10 top 50 schools in the country and I am well rounded in communication skills as well as figuring out what was the best fit for me.