Softball Pitcher #1

During My Training You Can Expect:

Proper knowledge to warm up
Tips on spin and how to use it to your advantage
Work on legs and explosiveness
Glove work for fielding because pitchers are athletes and we field our position!
Additional help with grips of different pitches
Development of the form of each pitch

15 mins of Q/A at the end

Current University: University of Michigan
University Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Position: Pitcher
About Me: I am a right-handed pitcher that had an untraditional route to the college level. I started pitching later than most. I am considered a strikeout pitcher. I rely heavily on my riseball and change up to help me with that. I am known for my riseball. Recruiting was different with me as I was a late commit. I enjoy speaking so that came easy to me when talking with coaches. I will be able to help your child handle the process of being recruited and being the best version of themselves.