Men's Lacrosse Attack #1

During My Training You Can Expect:

Current University: University of Michigan
University Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Position: Attack
Skills I Can Help On:
Offensive Packages
Defensive Packages
Line Changes
Offensive Footwork
Defensive Footwork
Offensive Vision
Stick Tricks
Hand Eye Coordination
Goalie Footwork
Positioning in Goal
Outlet Passes
About Me: I am the quickest player on the team and the best dodger to beat a defenseman. I also have a high lacrosse IQ, always knowing when to make the right play and where to be on the field. I am an excellent student and the hardest worker on and off the field. I have a positive personality and years of experience teaching/coaching the sport of lacrosse. I feel a responsibility to help grow the game and give back some of the expertise that was taught to me growing up.