Men's Lacrosse Attack #1

During My Training You Can Expect:
- Stretching and passing warm up
- Foot work drills
- Active ground ball drills
- Shooting form drills
- Dodging from behind the cage
- Feeding from behind the cage
- Fun shooting game to end
- Q/A

Current University: Duke University
University Location: Durham, NC
Position: Attack
Skills I Can Help On:
Offensive Packages
Defensive Packages
Line Changes
Offensive Footwork
Defensive Footwork
Offensive Vision
Stick Tricks
Hand Eye Coordination
Goalie Footwork
Positioning in Goal
Outlet Passes
About Me: Very experienced youth lacrosse trainer and coach. Have been playing lacrosse for a long time and am highly motivated. I believe I can provide strong mentorship for any youth lacrosse player looking to get better. I understand what it takes to play in college and am very familiar with the recruiting process. From a skills perspective, I can provide many things offensively . I provide fundamental shooting, dodging, and feeding drills that will help elevate all aspects of a players game. Along with this, I can teach in-depth knowledge about defensive packages and how to exploit these with creative moves. Footwork is everything in lacrosse, that's why in every drill I provide I am highly focused on this aspect. If there is a certain skill you are looking to work on, I will provide a personalized training program to highlight it.