Men's Lacrosse Midfield #2

As a midfielder, I have experience playing on both sides of the ball. I also have experience facing off so training will change accordingly. Example of a training session for midfielders.

-Getting to know player/ stretching (10 minutes)
-Proper mechanics catching and throwing (10 minutes)
-Shooting (10 minutes)
-Dodging (10 minutes) offensive midfielders
-Footwork/Positioning (10 minutes) defensive midfielders
-Review things to work on (5 minutes)
-Q&A about recruiting, college, etc. (5 minutes)

Current University: University of Maryland
University Location: College Park, MD
Position: Midfielder
Skills I Can Help On:
Offensive Packages
Defensive Packages
Line Changes
Offensive Footwork
Defensive Footwork
Offensive Vision
Stick Tricks
Hand Eye Coordination
Goalie Footwork
Positioning in Goal
Outlet Passes
About Me: I am a defensive midfielder but know the proper mechanics for dodging and shooting. I was alsorecruited as a faceoff guy so I have some experience facing off as well. My cumulative gpa is a 3.0 so I am able to give a good insight how to manage your time etc..