Men's Lacrosse Midfield #1

During my training you can expect:
-10 minutes of stretching / warm up stick work
-footwork drills
-ground ball drills
-feeding drills
-form shooting drills
-on the run shooting drills
-Q/A after

Current University: Duke University
University Location: Durham, NC
Position: Midfielder
Skills I Can Help On:
Offensive Packages
Defensive Packages
Line Changes
Offensive Footwork
Defensive Footwork
Offensive Vision
Stick Tricks
Hand Eye Coordination
Goalie Footwork
Positioning in Goal
Outlet Passes
About Me: I have been training the youth in the sport of lacrosse since I was 14. I am a good student and good role model. I can help you to understand the footwork needed to execute dodges and to create space needed to take effective shots. My ability to change planes makes me a shooting threat at any place inside the box and my field awareness has made me an assist machine. I'm looking forward to teaching you how to execute all of these tactics on the field!